From help building the vintage car or guitar collection of your dreams, to apraisals and selling assistance when it's time to move on—we've got you covered.


We're like freakin' genies—Your wish is our comand. 

Spent your childhood dreaming about a particular vintage car or guitar, and always assumed they would have to remain a dream? Well, you know what they say about assuming... 


At Walt Grace Vintage, we are are in the business of fullfilling even the wildest of dreams.


What may have seemed too far out of reach, and unobtainable in the past, no longer is.  We will tap our extensive global network, and do whatever it takes to help you find your missing piece and make your dreams into realities. 


Whether you're looking to acquire or unload a rare vintage car or a special guitar, Walt Grace Vintage is a pretty great place to do it. We'll make you a super competitive offer for your vintage car or guitar.


Or, if we have something that you'd like to have, and you have something you think we might like to have, we're always open to working out a trade.


The best way to get "all the money" for your car or guitar is to put it on consignment at our Wynwood gallery.


That said, we are extremely particular as to what makes it on our floor, so if you think your car or guitar has what it takes to sit (or hang) amongst one of the most awe inspiring collections in the free world, let's talk.


Found an old beat-up guitar in your grandfather's attic or just inherited some dusty old Italian racecar from your recently deceased Uncle Giuseppe? Curious to know what it's worth? Give us a call to speak with one of our vintage car or guitar experts and find out more information than you could ever have dreamed to know about your vintage car or guitar.

Who knows, that guitar you found in grandma's attic or the barn find from up the road might just pay your kid's way through college!


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