2005 Gibson Les Paul Studio Baritone

  • ULTRA RARE, and collectible! This used Gibson Les Paul Studio Baritone from 2005 was part of a limited run before being discontinued - but here's your chance to get one of the originals. With a 28" scale length (3 1/2" more than the standard Les Paul), you get a deep, full sound and you have no problem dropping down to C or even B. And baritone guitars aren't just for metal players these days. Country and blues musicians have also been using them for years to bring a rich darkness to their sound. Here with dual Gibson humbuckers (a 490R in the neck and a 498T in the bridge) you get that distinct Gibson tone that's great for rock and metal, but incredibly versatile too.


    The Gibson Les Paul Studio Baritone is a rare guitar these days, so having one in the store in such awesome condition is an even rarer treat. Includes its original hardshell case and definitely deserves to be played.


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