2011 Gibson ES 335 Red

  • Beautiful Es-335 in great condition. Plays and sounds heavenly with no issues. Original 57' Classics. Upgraded to RS guitar works paper and oil tone caps installed by Third coast of Chicago and changed out the volume and tone knobs to the silver button variety (originals are included as well). The guitar has recently been gone over and set up as well. There is very little fret wear. There are no cracks, repairs or playability or structural issues of any kind. There are a few very small "dents and swirl marks on the finish and on the pickguard that keep me from listing the guitar as in excellent condition. Additionally, there is a small mar on the edge of the lower "f" hole and the previous owner wrote his name on the label inside the guitar that is visible through the F hole if you look from the right angle (serial & model # is still perfectly visible). 


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