1966 Fender Pro Reverb Vintage

  • The Pro Reverb is said to be Fender's best held secret—and we definitely agree. Sitting perfectly in volume between a deluxe reverb and super reverb.  Very pedal friendly with good headroom until about 5 on the dial, then you get thick, full drive out of the pre and power amp sections.


    This is a great example of a vintage blackface beauty. Original grill cloth in excellent shape. All electronics check out and in excellent working order/gig ready. This amp is chimey with sweet reverb and a useable sweet spot for medium sized venues. Mainly used in a home studio over the past few years. No odd odors, smoke, etc. Original footswitch included. Loaded with A25 alnico speakers which are very balanced with chimey high end and full, round low end. New power tubes and a variety of vintage and premium new preamp tubes. Original kick back legs in excellent condition. Not too heavy for a 2x12 combo at 57 lbs.


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