1963 Valco Gretsch 6162 Royal Reverb

  • 1963 Gretsch, Supro, Valco Tube amp in great condition. The Tolex is fantastic all around...even the bottom. The grill is very clean. 2x10" new Jensen's. The old speakers are not available. This is the most sought after version. This uses the fabled 6973 Juke Box tubes ala Jimmy Page, for that unique upper midrange bite. This is the one with the best tube layout! RCA 6973 output tubes and RCA 6973 Reverb tube. 12AX7 pre-amp tubes and 5U4 rectifier. Supro's famous wire layout for easy tweaking. Tremolo and Reverb work as they should. No footswitch is needed. 3 prong added so the ground reverse switch is bypassed. I think this is just like a Vintage Royal Reverb from Supro. This is built by Valco in Chicago USA in 1963. The Jensen speakers are reissues from Italy and are fresh and tight. A cool amp for the player or collector. Sounds great!. 


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