1961 Supro 1696TN Valco-made

  • This amp is super clean with the original tubes. It does not have the original speaker (replaced at some point), but it sounds amazing. The tremolo on it is so thick you can put your hand through it! The amp is cosmetically in very good shape with the only tear  could find at the bottom left corner. The corners have patches in the same Tolex. It has had the 2 prong replaced with a three prong so you don't get killed.

    The two cathode bypass electrolytics, 33uf/50V, in the preamp have been replaced with Sprague Atom caps. The 6L6 cathode bypass cap has been replaced with an F&T. The 20uf/450V in parallel with multi-section screen supply was ruptured and has been replaced with a Sprague Atom. The last owner also replaced a drifting carbon comp dropping resistor in the power supply with a modern equivalent. 

    The can cap tests with no discernible leakage and has NOT been replaced. Yes, the handle is a replacement and the back plate is MIA.


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