1956 Fender Deluxe Vintage

  • Beautiful and fully functional workhorse Fender 5E3 Deluxe dating to mid-1956 (serial # D-02377). Handwritten serial number on the tube chart is very hard to read, but the "D" and 3 digits that can be seen match up to the serial number stamped on the chassis. The most famous of all vintage American amps!! Speaker is a period and model-correct Fender original, not reconed, but dates to 1961 (328109 = Utah, 9th week of 1961). Amp has been recently professionally serviced and she sounds GLORIOUS - volume at noon and tone at 4 and you're Billy F Gibbons all the way!! New caps, looks like the Mic channel vol pot was replaced, a 3-prong cord, and a couple resistors. Amp sounds strong! All other parts... the handle, tweed covering, baffle/ox blood grill cloth, transformers, other resistors and caps, eyelet board, jacks, switch, wiring, fuse holder, tube sockets, screws, amp feet, and all other parts and components appear untouched and original, except maybe the amp jewel.


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