What's in a Name?

Well, aside from the obvious fact that we needed one to put on the sign out front—our name is our inspiration.

Unless you’re a telemarketer with a really bad call list, please don’t call asking to speak with Walt Grace. He’s not a real person—well, at least not real in the literal sense of the word.  

The simple answer as to where our name came from is this: Walt Grace Vintage was named after a character from a song by John Mayer, called Walt Grace’s Submarine Test, January 1967.

The long answer is best told by our founder, Bill Goldstein, who was inspired to— as the character from the song—follow his own dreams and, well—build his own submarine.

'Cause when you're done with this world
You know the next is up to you...

Walt Grace's Submarine Test, January 1967 —John Mayer
My story is not unique.

"After nearly 25 years in the advertising business, I found myself in desperate need of change. No matter how “successful” I was, or how great things seemed from the outside, true success—and my own happiness— continued to elude me. Sure, I had all the spoils of a successful career, but the further I progressed professionally, the further I was moving away from my own fulfillment. I guess it’s just the nature of the beast—the more successful you become at what you do for a living, the further away you get from the thing that inspired you to do it in the first place.


So here I was, at 44 years old—I was healthy, had a beautiful family, an amazing home; a bunch of cars (and even more guitars), and still, with all of that, was miserable. I (and everyone around me) knew something needed to change, and it didn’t take a rocket scientist to see that it was work that was making me feel this way.


But what was I supposed to do? I was an ad guy—I had always been an ad guy—wasn’t I supposed to always be an ad guy?

I spent months feeling this way—falling deeper and deeper into my funk. It was bad, and was effecting everyone around me. To

say I was unpleasant to be around is the understatement of the century. If you had an ear, you were pretty much guaranteed to get it filled with my quandary and just how lost and unhappy I felt.

Then one day—no, one moment—actually, one song changed everything for me. I was in the shower, feeling (as you probably already guessed) extremely down and racking my brain for what was next. And then, in an instant, everything changed, forever. A song began playing. A song about a man. A song about a man, who, like me, was “desperately hating his old place” and “dreamed to discover a new space”. This sounded very familiar to me.


Familiar, but not exactly like me. Because, unlike me, the man in the song knew that— despite what anyone else thought or said—all he needed was “a will to work hard and a library card” and he could change his world. In all fairness, this wasn’t an entirely 

new concept to me. After all, this was the story of my life—I was the guy with the crazy ideas, who always believed in himself when others didn’t, and ended up (for the most part) on top.


The one thing that I didn’t think of, and this is the clincher, was that “When you’re done with this world… the next is up to you.” Pretty simple concept, huh? Think about it for a second. We are all masters of our own universe, and if something doesn’t feel right—just change it. It really is that simple. The hard part is trusting yourself and just going for it. Don’t just settle because it’s what you’re supposed to do—or, because somebody (or everybody) tells you that you can’t.


Follow your heart, let passion be your guide—work hard and believe in yourself—find your submarine, and just go for it. Because when you’re done with this world, the next (really is) up to you."

Walt Grace's Submarine Test, January 1967 —John Mayer

“And for once in his life, it was quiet

As he learned how to turn in the tide

And the sky was aflare when he came up for air

In his homemade, fan blade, one-man submarine ride”

Located in the Wynwood Arts District of Miami, Walt Grace Vintage is a unique gallery that showcases and sells the finest investment grade vintage automobiles and guitars. We are facilitators of dreams; a place where discerning collectors and casual automotive and guitar admirers can intimately experience the beauty and artistry inherent to what moves us— sonically, mechanically and emotionally. 

Our Story

The Dream Police

Bill Goldstein


We talk a lot about fulfilling your dreams at Walt Grace Vintage—well, Walt Grace Vintage, itself, is just that—the result of our founder, Bill Goldstein, finally fulfilling his dream. A successful advertising executive for the better part of 25 years, Bill decided to let passion be his guide for the next chapter of his life, and Walt Grace Vintage was born.

Bill's passion for vintage cars and guitars was never based simply on their utility, and, instead, focused also on the beauty and

artistry of each. Bill always felt that both vintage cars and guitars belonged in an art gallery of their own, and should be given the same weight and importance of any other works of art. 


For as long as he can remember, Bill dreamed of one day making his vintage car and guitar gallery a reality, and now, years later—in the center of one of the most vibrant art districts in the world, Walt Grace Vintage is a reality—a dream realized.

Tina Brady


No matter where in the world Tina’s day job takes her, she remains the constant connection between Walt Grace Vintage and the social media universe. Successful model by day, Walt Grace Vintage Social Media Guru—also by day (models have a lot of time in between shoots)—Tina handles all aspects of our social media presence.

When Tina’s not jet setting from exotic locale to exotic locale, she can be found doing double duty as part of the on-site team at the gallery. Come in and say hello to her—who knows, you could even end up in our Instagram feed!

Zach Larmer


A strong supporter of the Walt Grace Vintage world from day one, Zach was a natural addition to our team. A graduate of the University of Miami, he now calls this city home and has launched many projects with Miami's scene as a springboard. Zach has toured the US and Europe with his group, the Zach Larmer Electric Band, and his debut record "Inner Circle" garnered critical acclaim. He can be seen playing his vintage Gibson ES-300 at jazz clubs and festivals around the country.

Zach has also worked to grow the Miami music scene as the Music Director for Lagniappe House, taught the next generation of musicians at Live Modern School of Music, and recently opened a boutique recording studio. Among the many hidden gems in Miami's music scene, Zach has a particular affinity for vintage gear and hasn't been able to stay away from Walt Grace Vintage since opening day.

Patrick Corvo


As a child, Patrick grew up watching his father run Volkswagen Dealerships. It was only natural that he began fixing cars as a young teenager and developing a passion for the industry. At 15, Patrick began buying and selling cars himself, and by 18 had a small dealership of his own.

Over the past few years Patrick has spent his time with his cars, his guitar, and exploring Germany. Now that he has returned, he's been spending his days here at Walt Grace Vintage. Patrick can either be found in the back room, tuning up a vintage Porsche, or out on the floor playing a Les Paul through a cranked Marshall half stack.

Jonathan "Don't call me John!" Lewis

The Car Guy

Having grown up and worked in the South Florida high-line automotive industry, Jonathan always knew that he would find a home within the car world.


After working directly with manufactures such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche and others, he decided that he wanted to be involved in the industry on a more emotional level. This lead in him to the Vintage car world.


His passion is evident in everything that he does, and he loves sharing it with anyone that is willing to listen. (He’ll probably tell you regardless) 

P.S. Jonathan ONLY deals with cars, and unlike 99% of the population, has absolutely zero idea of even the correct way of holding a guitar.

Harold Trucco


Harold was born and raised in Miami, FL.  The guitar has been his whole world since the age of 4. Since then he's played in many local bands and recently graduated from Berklee College of Music in Boston.  He stumbled upon the gallery one day and instantly found a home and family in Walt Grace Vintage. Nowadays he's earning his stripes playing with rock and roll power trio, KILROY, whose sights are set for world domination.

Laszlo was born and raised in South Miami, FL and refers to himself as an "old-school millennial". Among his interests in street art and spinning his collection of original vinyls, Laz has found a strong passion for classic cars. After stopping by Walt Grace to dream about the cars on more than a few occasions, Laszlo became part of the team. He drives a classic himself and treats our collection like his own.


Laszlo Kristaly
Sebastian Lannes


Originally from Cuba, Sebastian moved to Miami by way of Barcelona and picked up the guitar at the age of 13. We're still waiting for him to set it down. Transfixed by the blues, his passion for music and vintage gear led him to stumble into Walt Grace Vintage and quickly fit in as one of our most knowledgeable guitarists. Sebastian also works frequently as an artist and session musician throughout the Miami music scene.

Alex Coombs


Alex was born here in Miami and is of Cuban and Jamaican descent. All it took was watching his older sister play the piano at the age of 4 to spark his interest in all things music. Since then, Alex has established himself as a professional trumpet and guitar player holding a Bachelor of the Arts in music from Florida International University.

Although Alex has a passion for performing live and keeps a busy performance schedule, he has a deeper passion for unifying Miami's artistic culture and creative scene which he is working to do every day here at Walt Grace Vintage.


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